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Why ?

We work to offer our clients a reliable and flexible service to meet their needs, whether for international businesses, small businesses, a personal home page, or anything in between.

Cubiix works every day to be able to provide hosting products, competitive prices, maximum returns, reliability, "Open" technology, and personal customer service.

With our portfolio of hosting plans, e-commerce (R&D department working on this for you), and application installation services, we aim to help companies use the power of the Internet to make their businesses grow.

Cubiix is commited to providing you with top quality web hosting. Furthermore our hosting products are reliable, competitively priced and use the latest server technology.


How ?

Even more important than our cutting-edge network and server hardware are the employees whose hard work and dedication have brought to the level of success we enjoy today. As we continue to expand our services, we are also expanding our staff, adding diverse skills and emphasizing customer-centric training.

Our employees are constantly learning about more technologies as they come into play. The result is a team that is prepared in all aspects of the business, and can assist each other and support each other as needed. In short, is a great team.



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